• Limited Edition of 150 
• Size: 29"h x 29"w x 6"d  
• Run Time: 3 Hours  
• Whimsy © 2005
• Sold Out
Whimsy Kinetic Sculpture Directions 

About Whimsy


My work has been growing larger for the past few years. I decided to try something smaller for a change.This should make shipping internationally a lot easier! 

This is a sculpture of strong, dynamic, rapidly changing optical patterns. The patterns repeat but keep changing as the direction of the back wheel reverses and gives random pushes to the front wheel. 

The patterning wheels are not very massive so the motion is quite fast. There is a soft clicking sound as the wheels move in opposite directions. 

I used color behind the large wheels to isolate and emphasize the patterning. The color is actually a heavy grade of art paper attached to a separate wood ring. The paper is available in a variety of colors. I offered it in the following colors, deep marine blue, plum or soft moss green. The paper can be changed fairly easily because only the ring is involved.