• Limited Edition of 150  
• Size: 36"h x 40"w x 8"d  
• Run Time: 15 Hours  
• Spectrum © 2005
• Sold Out
Spectrum Kinetic Sculpture Directions 

About Spectrum


I've been designing and building kinetic sculptures for the past 30 years. During that time I've found inspiration from a number of different sources but one that has stood out is the kaleidoscope. The continually shifting forms fascinate me. (The colors are nice but I'm more excited by forms!) I've built a number of sculptures that create striking patterns and most of them shift through at least 2 phases, but none have been able to replicate the variety of forms shown by a kaleidoscope. Spectrum is my first sculpture that begins to give me the true "kaleidoscope" feel.

I built Spectrum using 4 matching patterning wheels. The two outside wheels move at the same speed but in opposite directions. They reverse direction after about 2 revolutions. The center wheels move in opposite directions but at varying speeds. The net effect is a continually changing set of patterns that become quite dramatic at the point the outside wheels change direction. 

I found that the wheels had to move quite slowly for the patterns to develop. This necessitated some study and the redesign of my basic "2 arm" mechanism. I was somewhat surprised and quite pleased that this also resulted in an extended run time of more than12 hours. Thirty years and I'm still learning!


Comments via YouTube:

 • "WOW - how different speeds create diffeent FORMS... Amazing. Imagine what could be done with MORE circles, or by combining square and triangle structures using this principle... "  - 3.08 - Sefardi123

 • " i love art wood working and kaleidoscope making this makes me inspired and happy to watch it thank you" - 2.08 - Ginasart

 • "The randomness is so nice of the four wheels, I'm eating this up ! Wow" - 2.08 - woodessence 

 • "just stunning, love it :)" - 2.07 - vampyr79 

Comments via Website:

 • "I have this model and love it. It's very sturdy and always makes people happy".   - 2.17.10 - S.

 • "Your work is spectacular and genius.  In Malta we do designs like yours in ground fireworks".  See Tal Gilju ground fireworks here. - 3.16.09 C.G.