Variation Water

• Limited Edition of 9  
• Size: 50"h x 52"w x 7"d  
• Run Time: 12 Hours  
• Variation Water © 2004
• Sold Out
Variation-Water Kinetic Sculpture Directions 

About Variation Water


Variation-Water is a very peaceful piece. It was inspired by the mesmerizing patterns created by dropping small pebbles in a still pond.

The Variation series is the result of my continued exploration in the world of kinetic patterns created by six overlapping wheels that orbit a common center. Each orbiting form is designed to hold a particular orientation by rotating in the opposite direction from its orbital motion. I first "discovered" this kaleidoscopic effect in my sculpture called Rhapsody, took it a step further with Quark Cotillion and got serious about exploring this effect with the Variation series. Water is the fourth sculpture in this series.

Note: I've designed a new "high wall" mechanism for this sculpture.