• Limited Edition of 150  
• Size: 44"h x 34"w x 10"d  
• Run Time: 5 Hours  
• Tri-Fusion © 2004 
• Sold Out
Tri-Fusion Kinetic Sculpture Directions  

About Tri-Fusion


Tri-Fusion was inspired by a collector who asked what would happen if I made Fusion with three patterning wheels. It seemed like an interesting idea so I worked up a computer animation to test it. I liked what I saw, especially the patterns created by the small crescent wheels. I decided to stain these dark to make the patterns stand out while being enveloped by the lighter colored ellipse shaped wheels. It was a new patterning effect and one that I liked.

Step two in the design process was to design a mechanism to sustain the motion. I tried using a new escapement I've been working on but it really didn't create the correct motion unless I added a lot of complexity. I finally settled on my very reliable two arm and pinwheel mechanism. It is relatively simple and efficient but best of all created the correct motion.

Comments via Website:

• We purchased Tri-Fusion from you about 3 years ago from a dealer in NYC. WE LOVE IT to this day. It gets many comments from our guests. I only wish it ran longer than 3-4 hours...sometimes our parties are longer. Everytime I get an email from you about a new sculpture I hold my breath and hope that it isn't better than our Tri-Fusion...and to my relief I still think I purchased your best piece! Thanks and I hope that you are always "wound" to create more WONDERFUL art. - 2.25.09 - JM

• "hey, it's time to release tri fusion II or quad fusion, daddio. this notion is too much a gas to keep it bottled up any longer. how 'bout another splash of seltzer water, George Jetson? - 8.31.10 Kev