• Limited Edition of 150  
• Size: 35"h x 35"w x 6"d  
• Run Time: 3 Hours  
• Focus © 2004 
• Sold Out
Focus Kinetic Sculpture Directions

About Focus


Focus uses a mechanism similar to the one I used in Tapestry but a bit more refined to make it quieter and longer running.

You wind Focus by holding the back wheel in one hand and turning the front wheel about 20 turns in the clockwise direction. Release the back wheel and the motion starts with the wheels rotating in the opposite directions. This continues until one or both wheels lose momentum and start rocking back and forth. This eventually triggers the mechanism and the wheels start counter rotating again. The type of patterns created varies with the somewhat random timing of the mechanism trigger.

Comments via YouTube

 • "mesmerising as always"   - 2.1.09 - 321gocog 

Comments via website: 

 •  "Very impresive - I like your sculptures - very UNIQUE - I am a big fan of it!"  -2.16.09 - Vladislav Noxoff - Bulgaria