Limited Edition of 24  •  Size: 63"h x 38"w x 6"d  •  Run Time: 15 Hours 
Phenomenon © 1997  •  Sold Out  •  Phenomenon Kinetic Sculpture Directions


About Phenomenon


Phenomenon is a large, very long running sculpture with fascinating 3-dimensional visual effects. The patterning wheels are about 3 feet in diameter and turn in opposite directions at slightly different speeds. The counter-rotation creates a moire effect where the dark stained outer spokes form a torus or donut type of 3-dimensional form. The illusion shifts and changes with the variations in the rotational speed of the wheels.


Comments via Website:

• "That is so cool! I wish I had one of those. I could stare at it all day and not get bored. I've always been entertained looking at things that move automatically and have a nice pattern. I can tell you have put much work to these things. I have been trying to figure out a shape for one of those things as in the Variation sculpture. I want to get one of those, but they are sold out right now. :( Nice work, though." - 7-21-10 -A.V.