• Limited Edition of 150  
• Size: 35"h x 30"w x 6"d  
• Run Time: 6 Hours  
• Ellipse © 1998 
• Sold Out
• Ellipse Kinetic Sculpture Directions 
Ellipse Mounting Template 

About Ellipse


Ellipse is a long running patterning sculpture that I've had in the thinking stage for awhile. The patterning results from two overlapping "squished" wheels. These are wheels that I drew up as round wheels and then deformed on the computer. I animated the result, looking for interesting patterns. I repeated this process a number of times, trying new wheels and differing amounts of deforming until I found just the right combination. The lack of roundness in the wheels creates a new dimension in the visual effects.

The patterning wheels move in the same direction for part of their cycle as the rear wheel pushes the front one and then break apart as the front wheel spins on it's own while the rear wheel counter rotates. This creates a wide variety of interesting patterns. The sculpture makes quiet clicking sounds as the small wooden pawls are activated.


Comments via Website:

• "I was given your Ellipse Wood Sculpture as a gift in 2002 and it has been a cherished possession ever since! It fascinates everyone who sees it and is calming both in its visual as well as its auditory motion. I work from home several days each week and always wind it up before I start my day and I can hear the rhythmic clicking of the wood all day long! I have often thought of purchasing other pieces of yours, but do not have a suitable space at the present time. But I LOVE your work!" 8.13.11 - K.N.

• "Mr. Roy - We have had one of your sculptures for several years. I don't remember the name, but the two rotating wheels are elliptical and we were told at the time that it was the only elliptical piece you'd ever done. We are delighted with the piece and love to watch it go around. Our friends find it fascinating as well. Thanks for giving us so much pleasure. We are delighted to have bought it." 2.19.09 - R&B.D, North Haledon, NJ