Limited Edition of 95  •  
 31”h x 46”w x 8”d
Approximate Run Time: 10 hours

Price: $1695.00  • Edition sold Out •  Journey ©2008   • Journey Kinetic Sculpture Directions


About Journey


Journey Kinetic Wall sculpture by David RoyThe development of this sculpture is the end of a design odyssey that started with Sky Dance, moved to Falcon and culminated with this sculpture that I'm calling Journey. In each of these pieces I've created different mechanisms to explore what I call "bird" motion, that is, varied horizontal, vertical and spiral motions that are more or less random. This sculpture was the most challenging of the trio. I almost gave up on it. The idea was to use my Pegasus mechanism to power and control the motion but no matter what I tried, I couldn’t get it to perform the way I wanted it to. The motion was too quick and there wasn’t enough variation. After several months of failed attempts, I found the solution – more mass in the middle wheel and 2 small springs for power. This smoothed out and varied the motion and had the side benefit of extending the run time. After 30+ years of designing kinetic sculptures I’m still learning. It's frustrating at times but lots of fun.


Journey Kinetic Wall sculpture in a room setting by David RoyComments via YouTube:

• "These are always great !" - 6.09 - woodessence 

• "dude! That’s so cool!" - 6.09 - whanau3

• "That's nice :)" - 6.09 - UrbanRunnerEmo

Comments via Website:

• "This follows the bird movement beautifully, I could watch it for ages, it has such a long programme, I'm in awe!
." -5.11.12 - E.D.

• "Really truly amazing work - your stuff is so beautiful - and then it moves and it becomes fascinating, thank you
." -7.20.11 - Mike

• "My wife gave Journey to me for this past Christmas and I really enjoy watching the movement. Just when I feel I have figured the next movement it changes. Our friends are equally amazed at the variety of movements. Thanks for this great conversation piece." - 3.5.11 - JM, Belton, TX

• "I imagine a seagull gliding over the ocean into a golden sunset." - 2.15.11 - WS, Torrance, CA

• "Every piece is inspiring, but Journey is my favourite. Don't know why. As a child, I was fascinated by movement & I'm happy to say that hasn't changed. Your art makes me smile (out loud)." - 1.10 -M- British Columbia, Canada