• Limited Edition of 150  
• Size: 26"h x 26"w x 7"d  
• Run Time: 4 Hours  
• Pegasus © 2003
• Sold Out
Pegasus Kinetic Sculpture Directions 

About Pegasus


Pegasus is the immortal winged horse of Greek mythology. This sculpture reminds me of the beat of wings, hence the name.

The two large wheels are separated by a simple mechanism that is only triggered when the front wheel loses momentum. The mechanism pushes the wheels in opposite directions at varying speeds that depend on the orientation of the back wheel when the mechanism is activated. At times both wheels will rotate in opposite directions at the same rate and at other times the back wheel will rock back and forth, visually "locking" with the front wheel and then opposing it.


This is a quiet piece with a very soft, random clicking sound for most of its cycle.