Three New Kinetic Sculptures: White Water Series

Today David is introducing White Water, Avalanche, and Falling Water II, three sculptures based on a common module.  This series allows you to combine modules to create larger, more complex sculptures customized for your own space. Extensive information on all three pieces plus other ideas are presented on the website today.

   White Water     

White Water is a single component sculpture which is a landmark design because of it's extended run time. David finally managed to cross the 24 hour time mark with this piece by simplifying the mechanism and modifying some construction techniques! (No perpetual motion yet!) 

   Falling Water II

But what if you have a larger space? Simple! Add a second White Water to it, rearrange them, and a larger, more complex sculpture emerges. Above is Falling Water II, similar to the original with its constantly shifting yet relaxing patterns and quiet clicking sounds but it is shippable. It is composed of two White Water modules arranged in a vertical orientation and would fill an 11-14' tall wall.


But explore further,  rearrange those two modules into a different orientation and a third sculpture emerges. In Avalanche, shown above, two modules are positioned in a diamond motif to create a sculpture version that works well on a horizontal wall.   

Possibilities are endless! What if three were put together?  A visit to our website will share with you animations of other compositions.  What shape wall do you have?