White Water

Limited Edition of 95  •  Size: 39"h x 34"w x 6"d  •  Approx. Run Time: 18 hours

Edition Complete -2015  •  White Water Sculpture Directions


White Water Series:

Once in a while it is nice to design without regard to practical considerations. This was the case with my sculpture Falling Water. I designed and built it for a particular wall in our home without regard to how I could break it down and install it in a different location. Over the past 2 years Falling Water has become one of my favorite designs. I love the constantly shifting and yet relaxing patterns, the quiet clicking sounds and the long run time. It has also garnered quite a bit of favorable interest from the web community.

One of my challenges during the 2010 winter's design period was to capture the essence of Falling Water in a more manageable and shippable form.  It is made of two offset overlapping wheels and a satellite spring drive mechanism. The wheels are smaller iterations of the ones I used in Falling Water. Each wheel moves independently so the pattern constantly changes, slowly creating and destroying the tumbling "white water" effect.