Willow Wind

  • Limited Edition of 6 • Size: 65"h x 45"w x 25"d • Run Time: 10 Hours

  • Edition Sold Out

  • Willow Wind © 2009

About Willow Wind


Willow Wind is my first freestanding sculpture in 10 years, and my first large freestanding piece in over 30! Clearly I've preferred working "on the wall." Why the change? It started with an off hand comment from my daughter that she liked watching their sculpture, Merengue, from the side. I agree, and like watching many of my sculptures from the side, especially the ones with what I call the "bird motion."

It didn't seem right to suggest that people place their head up against the wall to watch a sculpture from the side, so the idea of taking the sculpture off the wall started percolating. The more I thought about it the more I liked it, not only would it present a new view of the sculpture but I would no longer be restricted to just two or three layers. I could use as many layers as I wanted! 

I started playing with ideas on the computer and was soon drawn back to one of my earlier favorite "bird" sculptures, Harmony. It combines "birds" and the creation of interesting patterns. What would happen if I put them back to back and had six birds? I liked what I saw and decided to pursue it. 

The final result is Willow Wind. It has opened up another world of "off the wall" possibilities that I'm looking forward the exploring. 


Comments via YouTube:

 • "Stunning and simply gorgeous! I really like the free-standing aspect of the piece. Your works are truly a joy to behold.." - 2/10/10 - PaulRayisMe

 • "Whoa! Freestanding! It's a whole new world now." - 9/13/09 - FlyinHorseKnuckles

Comments via Website:

 • "Truly a new threshold for your art. This piece and "Shimmer" are great pieces of design. Create more!" - 9.10.09 - Jim - Austin, Texas

 • "Every time I present my Tango to anyone, I ask them to do just that: place their head against the wall so they can A) see the mechanisms and B) see the entire piece from an alternate perspective. So CHEERS on this revisit to a worthy part of your creative past~! I wonder how this piece would look on a spring-driven/randomly-reversing turntable..."  - 9.10.09 - Jasper - Cincinnati, Ohio

• "Amazing and Wonderful." - 5.6.10 - Mike - Garland, Texas

Willow Wind Kinetic Sculpture by David C. Roy of Wood That Works, created in 2009

Willow Wind Kinetic Sculpture by David C. Roy of Wood That Works, created in 2009