Summer Rain

Limited Edition of 36  •  Size: 46"h x 36"w x 9"d  •  Run Time: 7.5 Hours 
Summer Rain © 2010  •  Edition Sold Out  • Summer Rain Kinetic Sculpture Directions


About Summer Rain


Summer Rain is a breakthrough sculpture for me incorporating motion, sound and a new type of drive mechanism. 

Three overlapping wheels, composed of nested circle forms create a pattern that suggests ripples in a pond. The motion is accompanied by the very soft, melodic tinkling sound of small wood levers striking different lengths of thin brass rods. The motion and sound makes me think of a gentle summer rain.

The mechanism was the most challenging part of this sculpture. My original design proved too inefficient and complicated. I found that I had trouble setting it up and I knew from previous experience if I found setting up one my pieces to be a challenge, others would have nothing but problems with it. I lived with the first version for a number of months trying a number of little fixes. Nothing worked so I put it aside for several months but kept thinking about it. I finally hit on a simple solution that actually used fewer parts, was more reliable and ran longer. Sometimes it pays to stop playing and just think about things although usually I'd rather just play!

Comments via YouTube:

 • "As always....Awesome! It reminds me a little of the old magicians interlocking rings trick." - 2.16.10 - Mechanical Sculptor

Comments via Website:

 • "VERY COOL. You are definitely on our wish list. Have you ever considered coming to the Cottonwood Art Exhibit in Dallas? its twice a year in March and October." - 2.18.10 - B.S - Dallas, Texas
• "Another amazing piece of art. I have had my Tri-Fusion for 2 years and it is a conversation piece. People are just amazed at the mechanics! Keep up the creativity...I am sure that I will purchase another one in the future." - 2.17.10 - T.L.S - Dallas, Texas
• "Your new sculpture is Magnificent!  Love your work!  I first came a crossed your work wile visiting a little shop in New York a few years ago. Since then I've been trying to figure out a way to afford one of your works.
I originally went to school and worked as machinist for several years but was forced to find a new occupation because of heath reasons.  I now work as a e-marketing designer for a corporation.  I need one of your pieces for my little cube, everyone would be jealous. ;-)
 Your work contains both mechanical aspects that intrigue me and also the simplicity of wood which I also admire.. Bravo!"  - 2.17.10 - T.S. - 
• "I really like the new sculpture, Summer Rain.  I hope we will get the chance to head your way in the next few months. I saw on your website that you like Sculpture Parks.  I wanted to tell you about the Andres Institute here in Southern New Hampshire, about 2 hours northeast of your studio in Brookline, NH:  It is a great place for snowshoeing these days.We are still enjoying Sundance, the neighborhood kids love our "wind-up toy" ". - 2.17.10 - J.S. - Hollis, NH
• "Summer Rain is very similar to the Tango sculpture i bought from you a few years ago. It still gives me great pleasure in watching it. Its a conversational piece when i have my freinds round for dinner." - 9.8.10 - Phil