One-of-a-kind  •  Size: 52"h x 49"w x 8"d  •  Run Time: 22 Hours 
Starscape © 2007  • Sold  •  Starscape Kinetic Sculpture Directions


About Starscape


Starscape is a new type of patterning sculpture. The two large patterning wheels always move in the same direction at slightly different speeds. There is a smaller wheel located behind these wheels that delivers a small random burst of energy to the back patterning wheel. This wheel then imparts some of its energy to the front pattering wheel leaving all the wheels rotating at different speeds. The varying speeds create the constantly evolving and changing patterns.

This is a long running sculpture with some very quiet clicking sounds. 

I designed and built this piece a couple of years ago and thoroughly enjoy the relaxing and hypnotic motion. Now it is time to part with it to make room on my walls for some new ideas.

Comments via YouTube:

 • "I want to design make things. You've inspired me! I completely understand why you love doing this kind of thing." - 2.8.09 TheZefman 

• "Aaaaahhhhhh!!!!!My eyes have gone all weird! Everything is being twisted into a spiral. Nice work. You wouldn't think that such a simple concept would produce such interesting results. I like it.  - 2.7.09 TheZefman 

DCR:Thanks! Glad you like it. I love simple forms and mechanisms that make complex patterns. 

 • "i love your sculptures ......i love wood because it's ALIVE" -  4.08 - scoverzi