Limited Edition of 95  •  Size: 35"h x35"w x 6"d  •  Approx. Run Time: 3.5 hours

Sold Out • Evolution Kinetic Sculpture Directions


About Evolution:


Evolution is the most documented piece I’ve created. I wrote a blog series describing in detail, with animations, the design evolution (hence the name!) that took place as this wall sculpture came into being. Go to my blog post and follow the links for “Evolution of a Sculpture.” Readers will get an intimate view of my development technique and thoughts as I create. The design process came to end when I found a pattern and motion that captivated me. The mirror image wheels are of slightly different sizes and create a criss-cross pattern that has a mesmerizing effect without being hectic or, put another way, peacefully, kaleidoscopic. This is an outcome that I’m always looking for!



Comments via Blog:

• "I saw your kinetic sculptures. Kinetic sculptures seem to be more interesting than static sculptures. They tend to induce life in metal in the form of breath which mechanically can be termed as movements. Nature by vision seems to be static but a sculptor, a poet, or any artist in any field to has the ability to look beyond the screen and communicate with the static world. I would love to see more of your works in future. -1.29.10, Shreyas – TAC

Comments via YouTube:

• "stunning..." - 5-27-09 CtrlAltDe1337ed

Comments via Web Site:

• Love this! I'm struggling to understand how this darn thing works! I get why it goes in one direction, which the force of some spring or something driving it. But why does it stop and reverse itself and go the other way?? Please - it's driving me nuts - in a good way! -2.21.1, C.S

• Amazing work. I've been trying to think of ideas for a kinetic sculpture for my sculpture class and you've inspired me!  -11.16.10 - Fay

• "While searching for various wind art I got sidetracked looking kinetic art. I am so glad I did. I have enjoyed examining every piece pictured in your archive. They are marvels. Thank you for sharing them. I have started filling a "cookie jar" fund in hopes that in the nearest future I can enjoy such a masterpiece in our home. I know that until then I will return often to your website for the sheer joy of your work. " -7.10.09 - TAC

 • "As I was watching the second animation of Evolution, the sculpture seemed to get larger. Is there a way you can have multiple sized parts that start - perhaps at 12" diameter and grow to 36" diameter. I don't know how you'd do it, but it seems like an interesting challenge. Tom Sevy" -6.2.09 - TS

• "David, I really think your concept and the naming of your sculptures is fantastic. My partner, Pam Hom, is working on a series of robotic sculptures named Angst Warriors. No video yet but her website is just started at pamhom.com"
-6.2.09 - JS.