Kinetic Sculpture Availability • Last Call!


Frolic • Nearing Edition End

I build my sculptures in limited editions. I only make a predefined number of a sculpture and then no more. Folks have requested an announcement when a favorite is running out. This posts is to give you some warning on some ending designs.

Frolic has been a favorite and I am nearing the edition end. I will be making the last group of five in September of this year. Four are still available so if you have been waiting and saving for Frolic, now is the time to make your move. Soon, they will be all gone. Folic is $1995.00. Order here.



Labyrinth • Studio Master Available

I am ending the production of Labyrinth. It is time to move onto to a new patterning piece and there aren't enough months in the year to make everything! I still have the studio sculpture available for sale. This piece is one of the edition that I have displayed in the studio and used as my guide as I create additional edition pieces. This is the last Labyrinth. The price is $2095.00. Order here.



Evolution is Evolving

I thought I was done with Evolution but then I had a brainstorm for new type of mechanism that was perfect for it.  I experimented on my Evolution and I really liked how it moved. The motion now spends more time in the slow phase so the patterns are more fluid. As a bonus the run time has increased from 3.5 to 5.5 hours.  

I decided to make the remainder of the Evolution edition with the modified mechanism. So it has been returned to the line. There is no place for it in the schedule right now so it would be mid-late fall if that is your favorite piece! Evolution is $1595.00.  Order here.