How to Purchase:

Sculpture Information: Click on the Current Work menu item. Below each video is a link to more info about each sculpture and prices. Follow those links for much more info about each design.

Price List:

  • Chaos - $2300.00 USA, $2400-International

  • Dance - $3750.00 USA, $3850 - International

  • Deja Vu - $3100.00 USA, $3200-International

  • Duality - $2500.00 USA, $2600-International

  • Kindala Stars - $2800.00 USA, $2900-International

  • Sky Quest - $2400.00 USA, $2500-International

  • Spirit - $2100.00 USA, $2200.00 - International

Purchasing: Wood that Works is in a wonderful place. David’s kinetic sculptures continue to sell extremely well but David is beyond traditional “retirement age”. He still greatly enjoys creating and building kinetic sculptures and has no intention of stopping but he plans to do so in a more relaxed environment. David no longer takes orders and deposits for future sculptures but he continues to design and build them.  Once he has sculptures complete, we sell them.  It is his “Retirement Plan” - still working but no schedules! He loves it.

We maintain an “active interest list”. Every eight weeks or so we send an email to this list describing sculptures that have been completed and are available for purchase.

David will continue making sculptures. There will be both new designs and production of existing editions with sculptures still available however we will not take orders until we have something finished and ready to ship. We will email folks on the “active interest list” so they can have the first opportunity to buy.  David will also use this active interest list to help him decide which of the existing designs to make next. 

If you would like to be on this active interest list, please complete the form below (on mobile) or to the right (on computer) and submit it to us at Wood That Works. We will be in touch via email in the months to come!

International Interest? David has been shipping his sculptures to many foreign countries for years but there are some that are currently too challenging for many different reasons. We do not ship to China, Russia, India,  Vietnam or many smaller countries in the Far East.

Four different kinetic sculptures design by David C. Roy of Wood That Works. ©2018

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General Ordering Information:

Follow this link for additional general ordering information including shipping, international sales, and availability.