Answers to general questions about ordering kinetic sculptures:


David creates may of his designs in limited editions. He decides how many of one design will be created, signing and numbering each. Once an edition is complete he doesn't add to it. They are made in small groups of 3-6 spread out over several years. Occasionally he will have a sculpture in stock but generally he sells to the "Active Order List".  Want to be on it? Click here for more information and complete the form.


What sculptures are available for order?

Starting in the summer of 2017 we no longer take advanced orders with deposits. We do contact people via email on the "Active Interest List" when David completes sculptures and they are ready for shipping. David uses the interest level of the active interest list to help him decide what to make and he sprinkles new designs in amongst the production of the on-going editions.


Where to Purchase: 

From Wood That Works:

The sculptures can only be purchased directly from me however there is often a wait. Read more about availability here.

To order you can start the process any one of three ways:

• Right from this website by clicking the To Order button on the purchasing page.

• Call me - 860-341-1234.

• Or visit my studio in Ashford, CT. 

David no longer sells his work through the many wonderful galleries he worked with for the first 35 years of Wood That Works.


Payment Options:

USA and Canada: We accept MasterCard, Visa, American Express and PayPal. Call 860-341-1234 for more information. We use Square, an online system for secure charge card transactions. You do not share your card information with us.

International: We can not accept international charge cards. You can pay using an international card via paypal without joining paypal. We can supply directions.  We also can provide information for bank wire transfer.


Shipping Information:

USA: Most sculptures are designed to be shipped via regular shipping companies including FedEx and UPS. Shipping is not included in the price and varies greatly depending on the size of the sculpture and your location. Send us your address and the sculpture you are interested in an we will let you know the approximate shipping charges.

International Shipping:  We can ship most sculptures internationally although charges can be very steep. We have been finding the best rates by using FedEx Great Rates program which chooses the lighter load days. Additionally most international shipments will have VAT taxes and customs fees added by your country. We also can not ship into India, China, Russia or Vietnam.